Game Capturing

At Africa Game Bomas, we understand that for a wild animal, being captured can be a traumatic experience, which is why we have made it our main objective to use capture methods proven to minimise stress levels which may be experienced by the animal.

We use three methods for capturing game at Africa Game Bomas – Passive capture, Chemical restraint and Mass capture.

Passive Capture

Passive capture refers to the capture of animals without force. At Africa Game Bomas, we have set up a boma around a central watering hole, which is closed off after the animals come to drink. Once the animals have been closed in to the boma, they are unable to wander back into the bush to forage, eliminating the need to herd the animals later. This is our preferred method for capturing both herds and individual animals since no stress is placed on the animal at any time during the capture process. Animals are always sedated before transporting to the temporary bomas before auctions and / or relocation to other farms.

Chemical Restraint

Sometimes, it is necessary to employ the use of sedation to immobilize an individual animal either for medical treatment or relocation purposes. Drugs are administered by a qualified Veterinarian. Tranquilizer darts are shot from a rifle and can be used when tracking animals by air with a helicopter, on foot or from a vehicle. Sedation is essential for transporting wild animals in order to minimise the stress they experience during this time.

Sedatives are reversed when animals are released into the boma and /or once loaded onto transport vehicles for long distance journeys. Careful monitoring by a Veterinarian is always in effect to assess the animals' wellbeing.

Mass Capture

Mass capturing is employed when an entire herd of animals is caught. Animals are herded to the location of the bomas with drive nets and directed through "funnels" leading to transport vehicles. Animals are sedated by administering tranquilizers individually with the use of a pole syringe.

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